The Proofreading Process


•  Step 1:

You email your document to us, together with a deadline (i.e. the date you need the corrected document returned to you). If the document is incomplete, send us as much as you can, together with an estimated final word-count.


•  Step2:

We will quote you a price for the work, together with the time we require to finish it. We aim to supply this information within 24 hours.

Click here to see our prices.


•  Step 3:

If you are happy with the quoted price and the estimated completion time, you can then make a payment and we will begin work There are two options for payment:

•  A Pay in full in advance

•  B Pay half initially, and the balance when we deliver the first half of the document.

Click here for payment details

Solution Graphics

Alternatively, before paying you can also request a free sample. We will proofread a short excerpt of your work to ensure you are happy with our standards. Then proceed to the payment options A) or B) above.


•  Step 4:

We will proofread your document. If you have paid half of the fees, we will return half of the completed document to you initially, and continue working on receipt of the balance of fees. If you have paid full fees in advance, we will return the whole document to you when completed.


You will receive three final documents from us:

•  A final copy of the corrected document, not highlighting any of the corrections.

•  A copy of the document with the corrections highlighted, for your information.

•  Your original document, un-amended.


All correspondence will be via email, unless otherwise agreed.

E-mail us at to contact us with any queries you may have.


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